Individual and Couple Counselling

In our lives we can all find ourselves facing a number of challenging and difficult events or circumstances that cause us great distress.

These experiences might include: –

  • Bereavement and loss
  • Relationship difficulties or the ending of an important or significant relationship through divorce or separation
  • Difficult work-related issues – including redundancy or sudden unemployment
  • A traumatic experience (including physical or sexual assault and abuse)
  • Disagreements with family, friends or people at work that seem impossible to resolve
  • Unexpected events for which we are unprepared
  • Additional responsibilities which are difficult to cope with
  • Abusive or bullying behaviour

Such events can engender a variety of responses and reactions in us: –

  • Unhappiness and emotional distress
  • A sense of being overwhelmed or unable to cope
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stress and panic attacks
  • Nightmares and flashbacks – or the triggering of an old trauma
  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
  • Shyness or social isolation
  • Self-harming behaviour

How I can help

I see my role as a Counsellor as helping you reduce the emotional distress that may be arising for you as a result of such experiences and life events.

In our conversations we would look at why you have come and what you would like to achieve. I will ask you about your life and the circumstances you find yourself in. Together we will explore what’s been happening and how the events in your life and past have shaped how you are dealing with it currently. We will begin to understand your difficulties better and see what changes may need to be made in order for you to make changes that will help you move on in your life.

How counselling can work for you

I offer counselling as a resource which you can accesses in accordance with your needs. Frequency of sessions would be agreed together.

If you would like to work on a particular aspect of yourself or your life and you think that weekly counselling would be beneficial for you, then we can arrange a certain number of sessions either for an agreed period of time or on an open-ended basis if you would like to work longer-term.

I also offer counselling at a reduced rate for students who need to engage in ongoing long-term therapy as part of their training.

Specialist Counselling for Divorce or Separation

It does not need to be said that facing the breakdown or ending of a relationship or marriage is one of the most painful and stressful life events a person can encounter – especially if children are involved.

What you are experiencing is emotionally traumatic and as such can bring up bring up intense feelings including grief and depression; anger and frustration; fear and anxiety; shame or guilt; worries about finances; insecurity as to what the future may hold – and many other strong and difficult emotions.

Having been trained to provide therapy to those who are considering or undergoing separation or divorce I am able to offer emotional support if you find yourself in this terribly distressing circumstance.

Our conversations would give you time to yourself where you can think about what you are facing, develop plans, find solutions to problems and identify ways to navigate the sometimes complex issues you are having to cope with. If you have children you can also think about how to talk with your children about what is happening – and to find ways of expressing it in a way that they will understand.

The benefit of having such a time is that it gives you a chance to express your feelings and be heard without being judged; to find ways to cope; to develop plans to move forward; and evolve the skills to manage and survive what may, at times, feel like a very daunting prospect.

If you are a couple in the process of going through a divorce, counselling can provide a means for working together in a healthy, constructive fashion. It will help you both look at how to separate in the best possible way with the least animosity, hostility and emotional damage. My role would be to facilitate communication in which you both say what you think and feel – including things that you would find difficult to say without a third party present.

During these sessions you can address practical topics such as living arrangements, financial obligations, and parenting responsibilities.
Why not consider booking a counselling session with me to see if it can help you at this difficult time.